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Computer Tune-Up & Rejuvenation

    Computers slow down as they age due to lack of physical maintenance and operating system maintenance. In just a year or two, a computer that was once very fast can feel very slow.

     Trusted Computer Consulting partners with you to remedy the situation. Trusted Computer Consulting's computer tune-up and rejuvenation services bring that computer back to its former self, improving worker productivity, saving the cost of computer replacement and allowing you to appropriate capital expenses elsewhere. In some cases, memory or other hardware upgrades may make all the difference in the world for a relatively low cost and will be recommended. In other cases, the time and upgrades required to bring a computer to satisfactory performance may exceed the cost of a new computer and the purchase of a new computer may provide more power and speed than the old one ever did. In cases where this will cost less in the long run and bring greater satisfaction and productivity, new computers will be recommended.


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