Information Technology Services

We provide a wide array of Computer Technology Services to businesses in the Idaho Panhandle. Read on!

Computer Workstations

Whether you're using Windows PCs, Mac, or Linux, we've got you covered!

Trusted Computer Consulting provides installation and setup services as well as maintenance and troubleshooting. Whether it's hardware, software, or operating system related, we have the experience to get things up and running again!


Servers are like car engines: the network can't work without them, and they are usually forgotten and neglected until something goes wrong.

Trusted Computer Consulting will check your server's event logs for errors or early warnings. We will keep an eye on RAID health and disk space usage and growth. We will monitor and test your backups. We will protect your servers from external threats through installation of critical operating system updates, security patches, and monitoring of antivirus protection. These regular server check-ups can keep small problems from becoming expensive disasters and keep servers performing at peak condition.

Network Infrastructure and Cabling

The core of your business network - switches, wireless access points, routers, and cabling- is the most critical part of your network but usually invisible to day-to-day use.

When your network is running slow or you need to expand, this is usually what we need to look at. It may be something as simple as a firmware update or changing a setting. Sometimes it may require replacing the hardware or installing new cabling. We can assess the situation for you and provide a solution that will meet your objectives in a cost-efficient way!

Email & Spam

Email is still the primary means of business communication today. With the many benefits and conveniences of email also come many threats to security and productivity. Spam, phishing and malware-laden emails are coming through at higher levels than ever before. Email spam filtering solutions are critical in this environment to safeguard worker productivity and company security.

Many businesses these days shy away from running their own email server, thinking it's too complicated. Times have changed since the early 2000's and new technologies are needed, like SPF, DKIM, and IP blacklists for example. But what hasn't changed is that this is still very achievable for even small businesses and is still the best way to keep your email communications secure, private, and under your control.

Trusted Computer Consulting can help you implement and monitor an email server and security solution that keeps the spam and viruses out and properly delivers the desired email without delay.

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